“WOW! This is amazing. Amazing!
I can’t believe how cool this is.
I have worked with a lot of illustrators, but this is the first time
I was shocked to see how great something turned out to be.”

Matthew Goodman – Running Press Book Publishers (a member of the Perseus Books Group)

“The ARTas1® artist’s illustrations went the very smoothest of all…
Couldn’t have been better.”

Jodie Hein – Silver Editions

“ARTas1® is an excellent source
of reference and inspiration …
a well-chosen sampling of exciting and up-and-coming artists from Japan.”

Eric Nakamura & Martin Wong – founders, Giant Robot magazine, retail stores, and restaurant

“ARTas1® is truly a breath of fresh air!”

Jim Miller – Associate Creative Director, Serino Coyne, Inc.

“The ARTas1® book fulfills a need for fresh,
powerful and colorful imagery…
This is a useful resource.”

Gordon Kaye – Editor, Graphic Design USA Magazine

“…I welcome their extraordinary selection of talented artists to America.”

Kurt Haiman – Founder and Senior Partner, G2 Worldwide

“ARTas1® will serve as a great resource to American advertising and design professionals…”

Vesna Petrovic – AIGA Board Member & Founder, three design (de3sign) studio

ARTas1® Artists


ARTas1® Vol. 1

ARTas1 Vol. 1 Professional Illustrators

ARTas1® Vol. 2

ARTas1 Vol. 2 Professional Illustrators

ARTas1® Vol. 3

ARTas1 Vol. 3 Professional Illustrators

ARTas1® Vol. 4

ARTas1 Vol. 4 Professional Illustrators

ARTas1® Vol. 5

ARTas1 Vol. 5 Professional Illustrators


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Welcome to ARTas1®, a project that brings the Japanese and worldwide art communities closer together as one, while exalting each unique artistic creation as the only one of its kind in the world.