Publisher's Greeting

Welcome to ARTas1®, a project that brings the Japanese and worldwide art communities closer together as one, while exalting each unique artistic creation as the only one of its kind in the world.

It is our privilege to introduce artwork to you from Japan’s top contemporary Japanese visual artists in this ARTas1®. ARTas1® is proud to be the stage from which many Japanese artists are now launching their international careers. Our members met with substantial success, including participation in international competitions, licensing of existing images to products such as greeting cards, commissions for customized figures from concept to completion, customized characters, design of video game characters, illustration of children���s stories, book cover designs, advertising campaigns and so much more.

We thank the international art community for your support.

We believe you will be very pleased with our ARTas1® members, including several never-beforeseen “newcomers” we have the privilege of introducing to the world market. These artists were selected as some of the very best in Japan’s vast pool of talent. They have achieved success in one of the most competitive art markets in the world. And they all are eager to expand onto the international art scene. This puts you in the unique position of having some of the first options and contracts with these great artists.

We invite you to contact the artists directly using the e-mail addresses listed on their pages or to contact us, as we are their Authorized Art Licensing Agency. Even if you just have simple questions, would like to discuss their techniques, or ask questions about mediums used, sizes, etc., please don’t hesitate to ask. Great things can happen when we bring these art worlds together. We look forward to hearing from you.

The following comments came from customers who used our services, hired our artists, and garnered
lasting impressions of what it’s like to work with ARTas1®.

Upon receipt of artwork for a “build to order” 3DCG character which was delivered ahead of schedule,
one client commented:

“WOW! This is amazing. AMAZING!
I can’t believe how cool this is. I have worked with a lot of illustrators, but this is the first time that I was shocked to see how great something turned out to be.”

Matthew Goodman, Perseus Books Group

Upon receipt of an illustrated children’s story, again delivered ahead of schedule, another client sent the following praise:

“The ARTas1® artist’s illustrations went the very smoothest of all… Couldn’t have been better.”
Jodie Hein, Silver Editions

Every client we have worked with has had a positive and satisfying experience with ARTas1®. We hope you will contact us and give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations on your next project as well.


Toshihiko Takabatake
Publisher Japan Publicity, Inc. / ARTas1®

ARTas1® Artists