Sales Director’s Greeting

An insatiable appetite for Japanese art has been growing internationally for years. The world’s art scene has long recognized the talent, professionalism, and creative originality of Japanese artists. Yet, somehow, physical distance, language, and the cultural divide previously made working together seem unattainable. Now, ARTas1® bridges this gap and is infusing the American and world art markets with a fresh new talent pool of seasoned artists from Japan. They are all eager to share their works and unique visions with the rest of the world. Hence our title, which illustrates how we are bringing the two separate art worlds into “1.”

It is our privilege to introduce artwork to you from this extraordinary group of top contemporary Japanese visual artists, putting you in the unique role of being first in line to deploy these honed skills in your market. There is something very enticing about being cutting-edge, especially when you can work with people who have the ability to do this with refinement, skill, and consistency. We believe in the sophistication and the strength of our artists’ works and know that, with them, you will work with the best to achieve great results.

As their Art Licensing Agency, we are positioned to help you work with these fine artists from the other side of the world as if they were in your own neighborhood. Talented, extremely driven, and accomplished, they are presently thriving in a market that defines a great deal of style, technique and media-driven imagery that young/hip markets are hungry for today. ARTas1® is your liaison, going directly to the cutting-edge source and helping it fit your needs. We are eager to assist. We also provide translation and culturally-sensitive negotiation services to ensure smooth and comfortable relationships.

People are eager to understand the vast world of Japanese visual arts because it has a style and essence unlike anything else out there. We believe this level of access to great Japanese artists will catalyze the rich connection between art and media in other countries that we have seen for decades in Japan. The prospect of creating an all-new hybrid out of these styles—one that embraces other cultural perspectives and nuances—is what united ARTas1® with the people in this book. Let’s help our two art worlds become one together.

Paul Archuleta Whitney
Vice President
Japan Publicity, Inc. / ARTas1®

ARTas1® Artists